Special Service on this Website

Hi there We host a new service on my website. Multipick giveaway SN check. https://multipick.challenge-lock.com/en As you might know every Multipick Elite pick has a…

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This CL is more of beginner CL from Notl.

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Gio I – Striped Hyena

My first CL. Probably at difficulty blue belt or higher.

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This was my first challenge lock and it was created when I was a brown belt picker. I used a dremel, needle files and sandpaper. When picking the lock the thin reverse T pins create an interesting feel when the lock goes into a false set.

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An evolving set of locks, passed around until it’s back at LockMania. See https://youtu.be/-JD1Bu_zW7o for the detailed explainer and the participation rules. LockMania did a 2020 Christmas giveaway. He gave away 12 locks and this was won by Edoc Dab. To have more people in the community benefit from the giveaway, Edoc decided to set up this evolving PassAround.

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Ride the Wave

First CL, hope y’all enjoy!

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Stay Crunchy

Red Wanderer’s first challenge lock. I knew my pins were going to be rough so I leaned into that. When test picking I was afraid some of my cuts were wearing away, so I was hoping it stayed as crunchy feeling as it started!

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X1 by NeonFx

NeonFx’s first challenge lock. It has a surprise and a warning.

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Mark 1

Its my first Challenge Lock.

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Chipy by Picky

An American with a chip on its shoulder. Reminiscent of a school bathroom

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