tl;dr Have fun and don’t screw it up for anyone. Created by Keyla Sentry in cooperation with the Lockpicking community. Locksport Handbook to Challenge Locks…



Schlage mortise cylinder with modified drivers and a couple modifications to the drivers

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A 5 pin KIK With custom pins and order to give false sets in order like a stepper motor. Good for anyone familiar with spools/mushrooms or looking for a higher challenge while learning. After succesful pick do not rotate cylinder to 180* or driver pins will lock plug and will have to remove top bible slide, springs, and drivers. please shim during gut. it helps a lot. Its not pretty in there but for oicking purposes it works great. (hand filed pins)

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M”ASS”ter Lock

The “M” is silent. Don’t let the docile nature of this everyday lock fool you. The patented “chastity belt” style shutter is made of the finest tinfolium I could scavenge from my neighbors cucko clock (Sorry Mark but it was driving me nuts), The extremely flat wave style bitting, “Fort Knox” level 4 pin tumbler, AND oversized internal Assa Abloy driver pins are sure to keep anyone out*. *This was tested and proven to keep out anyone that can’t rotate objects clockwise, doesn’t sneeze too hard, doesn’t have thumbs, likes margaritas and getting caught in the rain, and can’t operate heavy machinery due to intoxication.

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Incognito is a 6 pin Schlage based lock filled with some fun challenges.

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Ranni’s Defense

Ranni’s Defense is a Russwin based 6 pin lock filled with a bunch of unique challenges.

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This CL heavily features 1 type of pin, with great effect. Partnered with core modifications make this a very tricky pick.

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Egg-shaped Torture

I wanted to see what rounder pins would do in a CL.

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This is the first challenge lock I have created. It is best suited for anyone who has reached green belt.

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This CL was made for Freedivee72, as part of a thank you for his generosity.

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Bad Yolk

American 1100 padlock name and design on front. Nest #2 (meaning 2nd nest)

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