Special Service on this Website

Hi there We host a new service on my website. Multipick giveaway SN check. https://multipick.challenge-lock.com/en As you might know every Multipick Elite pick has a…

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This is my first attempt at making gin bottle spools with matching countermilling. I think it went pretty well

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Angel 6

Another lock in the angel challenge lock series

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This cunning lock is, in fact, quite simple. My motivation to make it was whim or, rather, a whim.

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The Sauce

5 pin Lockwood with homemade security pins. Working and spare key for anyone wanting to add a 6th pin, or re-pin it.

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Dromicete CL1

The first challenge lock I made, hope you like it.

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Description This is an American Lock 5200. This is my first CL and it’s name is referenced to my last name being Riddle. Creator My…

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Description 6 pin dimple lock with shaped drivers and keypins Creator Alexparker70 About the CL It’s got 5 shaped drivers, I tried to make them…

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Guard dog

Name of this challenge lock is partly based on its manufacturer’s name, company called Guard from the Czech Republic. These locks feature paracentric keyway and usually quite radical bitting. To make it a bit more fun, all the drivers are custom made plus couple of keypins were modified too…

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Challenge lock created from an Abus brand oval with a nice 3D printed case and key shroud

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Sec’s Toy

This is a modified American 1100 with 5 pins.

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