tl;dr Have fun and don’t screw it up for anyone. Created by Keyla Sentry in cooperation with the Lockpicking community. For Makers:  BEST PRACTICES: For…



ytilauD (Duality backwards) The mirror twin of Duality. This is the third challenge box in the in the lock share project by JoePicks and myself. This box was made to go to Australia, from there ho knows where she will travel to!

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Armlock 1

Modified arrow schlage kik. Bible, core,and pin mods.

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My first cl

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Green Goblin

Started with a standard American core with some slight twist…

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Don’t Blink 1

Master Lock 27 with removable core. I know, I know. But the shackle is thick in all the right ways and I have spent so much time with this lock now that i’m emotionally attached to it. I think it’s fun to pick.

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Hanging Balls

Use your pick to fondle my hanging balls.

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Don’t look back

I made this on December 31st. After the last 2 years of the pandemic let’s look forward, not back.

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Primum Tempus

Be gentle, this is my first time hence the locks name.

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An otherwise straightforward Abus 83/45 has a trick up its sleeve

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