DescriptionMy very first CL. Happy picking!

MrBlack-Magic from Germany

About the CL
I wont spoiler every sneaky details until it gets picked or enough time passed. It is a 5 pin tumbler lock with a hand cut key and a nasty bitting. The “eye” of my CL is milled as deep as possible to avoid the use of TOK wrenches.

I used my homemade pins for this lock

Also some other techniques were used like threading and undercutting as shown in this post

Always use a shim for gutting!

See also this post

yabende from Poland
Status: unpicked

Yom1973 from France
attempt 1
attempt 2
Status: picked

Giovanni_NL from Netherlands
Status: unpicked

reinder (aka rein) (Netherlands, Discord)
Mediocre_Barracuda_3 (Finland)
darksideoflink (US, ~RoonPicker Discord)
Nepherael (US)
hvmetalhead (Canada)

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