Mrs. Pin

DescriptionThe faithful wife of Mr. Pin. Even more grumpy and grumpy.
There are only problems with it.
About the CLfancy pins, threaded chambers, moderate bitting
LockpickerPICKED by Bartek (

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Author: yabende

5 thoughts on “Mrs. Pin

  1. Hi there

    Thank you for submiting your Challenge Lock. I have added it to the website.
    You can now edit your CL on your own.
    (Top left –> Edit Post)
    There you also can update or add a Map.
    (Way down on the Edit Page)

    Stay safe

  2. Mrs. pin has a very narrow entrance for the key (it’s very tight), picking this lock is not easy, it has a number of securing pins and it is very difficult to navigate in it, I highly recommend this lock.

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