Silent Killer


Entry level challenge lock, more or less a one trick pony.

Michael Gilchrist

About the CL
Key pins 1, 2, 3 serrated, these might be caught because they’re low sets with 4 and 5 being higher sets.
Driver pin 4 spool (with thin bottom lip to catch on the counter milling of the core)
Core: 3 rings of counter milling on pin 4 (1st ring just above pin to match where driver pin will sit at rest).
Also, some of the warding has been sanded away to allow for larger picks to have more room to pick, I wanted the picker to be focused on dealing with the nasty pin 4 (left the rest purposefully easier) rather than fighting with the pick getting stuck in the warding.
Bible hand engraved on one side with date, other side resist etched using laser (after painting side with lacquer paint) to put username and then treated with ferric chloride to etch, paint then sanded away.

1. Lockpicker
Roon Picker (picked)

2. Lockpicker
AJ Clark (receipt, not picked)

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Author: Michael Gilchrist

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