The Rusty Grandpa

DescriptionListen carefully what he is about to tell you, but don’t believe everything. Treat him with respect and you will have a great time together. He may teach you something new.
CreatorMrBlack-Magic from Germany
About the CLThis CL is a 6 Pin tumbler lock with a hand cut key and the second CL i made.
Custom homemade pins and some nasty threading and undercutting are just some of his secrets.
The keyway and frontside were manipulated to avoid TOK tensioning and to give him his unique look.
See also

Always use a shim for gutting!
Lockpickeru/Panda-Frog from Switzerland
Status: unpicked

u/moKdtex from Switzerland
Status: unpicked

u/darksideoflink (RoonPicker) from US
Status: unpicked

u/PickInParadise from US
Status: in transit

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About the Author

Author: MrBlack-Magic

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