Cheapside No. 50

Description5 Pin Jedo with some little tricks. Be carefull gutting it.
CreatorHarry Bow
About the CLMade by Harry Bow.
Cheap Jedo lock with custom driver und key pins.
Springs are also modified.
LockpickerCreator: Harry Bow
1.Picker: Lockpicking Coleminer
2.Picker: Panda-Frog
Status: picked
3.Picker: MrBlack-Magic
Status: picked

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About the Author

Author: PandaFrog

1 thought on “Cheapside No. 50

  1. Just got that CL from Mr Black Magic – and got it open quite fast. Nice ideas in there, and a fun pick! I’d suggest getting a higher tolerance lock as a basis next time, and it’d be so much harder.

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