Challenge Lock NameSTRIKE
DescriptionNot the worlds hardest lock but very fun. Gives huge false sets.
CreatorHVLogic find me on reddit and discord @ HVLogic and on Youtube
About the CLPins are supposed to be shaped like Bowling Pins, complete with a handcrafted bowling ball.
LockpickerPicker 1: OpenSoon
Picker 2: Artichoke2000
LocationBuilder: Melbourne, Australia
Picker 1: Melbourne, Australia
Picker 2: USA

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About the Author

Author: HVLogic

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  1. Hi there

    Thank you for submiting your Challenge Lock. I have added it to the website.
    You can now edit your CL on your own.
    (Top left –> Edit Post)
    There you also can update or add a Map.
    (Way down on the Edit Page)

    Stay safe

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