DescriptionModified “HardHead” 7-pin, Pin tumbler lock. – Two different bitted keys, both working. – Hex nuts for easy re-pinning. – 7 intermediate hand made pins. Would say it is a green/blue belt in difficulty.
About the CL7-pinner with all standard pins and mediocre tolerances.
LockpickerPicked buy the creator, made in sweden where it currently resides 😀 Reddit name same as here and discord.
LocationMade in: Stockholm, Sweden.
Now in custody of: dyslexicMike, TN Usa
RemarksOrigo translates to origin in english, a term used to describe the center of a graph. The logo on the lock/keys is supposed to look like the letters E and O(EfficientOrigo) together as an infinity mark, did not turn out so good! Blaming my first time experience with a dremel! 😉 Will ship with some extra handmade pins.

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Author: EfficientOrigo

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