Majora’s Wrath

DescriptionThis CL was made with new technique’s and pin design in mind. Half of the battle is the keyway, other half internals.
CreatorThis CL was made by Telanis Roon who frequently is involved in the picking, making, and trading of CL’s.
Telanis has been picking for a little less than a year, and has picked 60 CL’s, and made four challenge locks.
About the CLThis CL is a stock lock with pins modified Assa Barrels. The lock does not have a custom key but does have good bitting.
LockpickerLockpicker: Telanis Roon
Youtube: RoonPicker
Reddit: u/Darksideoflink
Status: Waiting to Ship Package
Video: No

Lockpicker: Mugatu
Reddit: u/Mugatu68
Status: picked
RemarksThis was my first CL I have ever done with steel pins and a Dremel. Previous CL’s all had hand cut pins.

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Author: Telanis Roon

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