moKdtex #1 (Evil BKS)


I present you my very first challenge lock, required for the LPU blue belt and I maybe overdosed things here right from the beginning. To quote Mogzy here: “Can’t remember beeing that angry at a lock before, except maybe the 700.”
It slowly starts eating picks and I apologize to everyone who gets it

moKdtex (LPU / Subreddit lockpicking)

The lock:
In his first life it was an BKS 88 series and I simply went nuts with the dremel tool and brass rod. 7/10 pins are modified and the key is handfiled but I havent done anything to the core or the housing. The tricky part is probably the keyway itself.

Recipients so far:
moKdtex (whipped, I want it back at some point for a second chance)
Mogzy (Picked)
Dra9i (not picked yet, close to destroy it probably)

Well, I dont want to say its a black belt lock, I just created a very bad szenario on a quite nasty keyway. The original BKS88 is a very managable pick and as usual, an extreme bitting makes life worse. But I think there sits a little man inside that pushes pins back down. Honestly, if you want to have fun with a lock, don`t choose this one.

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