moKdtex #2 (not evil CISA)


After hearing that my first CL is breaking picks and making people angry I wanted to make something fun. For me it is fun, when a lock gives tons of feedback to work with because as long as the lock talks, at least something is happening.

The Lock itself:
Abus CISA in the first life, now prepaired with funky, feedback giving pins and a quite ugly key. For that reason its covered, no one wants to see it anyways. 7/10 pins modified, but just because I have not modified them it does not mean they are standard :-). Core and housing are original and its not a lock that bricks itself or something, I don’t like things like that.

Recipients so far:
– moKdtex (picked…Hooray!)
– Engineersnowman (Picked)
– Lasperge (Picked and ready to ship)

The tons of feedback will give you a safe feel but you have to stay focused. I would say that an advanced bluebelt going for purple will have a good time with it.

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