DescriptionMy first challenge lock. I bought a Dremel tool and a vice just for this occasion. This started as a basic 5-pin Kwikset. It is no longer basic.
CreatorReddit u/EchoTangoET. I started picking in August 2020 as a pandemic lockdown hobby. I fell into it because I had a stuck door lock and I was Googling how to fix it and accidently saw links about picking and locksport. After that, I was all in.
About the CLStarts out as a generic 5-pin Kwikset. I kept the original bitting because it was a little aggressive as is. I added a 6th pin that matches the tip of the key. I modified four of the drivers: two spools, one deep double-serration, and a T-pin that fits into the spring. Two of the longer key pins have serrations to lock into oversets. I attempted to countermill one of the plug holes.
Lockpicker: New lock, not picked yet. Not even by me.
Location:Hudson, Massachusetts, USA.

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Author: EchoTango

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