iLco RU45 Deville

DescriptionHow bad can it be? Heavily modified guts with a hidden surprise! This is one of two that I made for the community.
Creatorbadillionaire was introduced to the Lockport community in November of 2020 and has become heavily interested in the subtle nuances and beauty of how locks function.
About the CLBrass iLco Mortise Cylinder with Russwin RU45 Keyway Key Pins: 1-Homemade spool, 2-Standard, 3-Homemade Serrated Spool, 4-Homemade Serrated, 5-Homemade T-pin, 6-Upside down Sparrows Queen (added to empty chamber) Driver Pins: 1-Homemade Serrated, 2-Homemade Spool, 3-Standard, 4-Homemade Mushroom, 5-Homemade Serrated, 6-Standard (added to empty chamber) Core: 1,3,4,5,6- Threaded with 6/32″, 2- Unmodified Springs: 1,2,3,4- Original Copper, 5- Stretched American Copper, 6- Stretched American Steel Bible: Unmodified
Lockpickeru/badillionaire made the lock and sent it to u/dustynwindy, lock not picked yet!
LocationBuilt in Texas.
RemarksThis is one of two that I made almost identical. Its twin was sent to u/MrPickur

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Author: Cotton Patch

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