DescriptionAn evolving set of locks, passed around until it’s back at Lockmania. See https://youtu.be/-JD1Bu_zW7o for the detailed explainer and the participation rules. Lockmania did a 2020 Christmas giveaway. He gave away 12 locks and this was won by Edoc Dab. To have more people in the community benefit from the giveaway, Edoc decided to set up this evolving PassAround.
CreatorLockmania and Edoc Dab
About the CLThat depends on which evolution of the lock collection you receive!
Lockpicker1. LockMania giveaway, picked, videos as of: https://youtu.be/nsNYU6mjUM0

2. Edoc Dab, picked, video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRfqXiMHCLCtqLAaFdNRj4QFs1wwpimuj

3. Deadlocks, video playlist:

4. j.gabriel, first video:
LocationLockmania: Denmark
Edoc Dab: the Netherlands
Deadlocks: Great Britain
Evil Arch Conservative: USA (added booklet)
j.gabriel: Alabama, USA

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Author: Edoc Dab

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