Sumfing Fishy

DescriptionThis challenge lock was one of the prizes in the Fish Picks giveaway. See
CreatorThis lock was created by Darren McEvoy, also known as DMAC
About the CLThis looks like a standard 5-pin euro cylinder on the outside, but on the inside there are no standard pins. Both key pins and driver pins have been altered, plus there is “sumfing fishy” going on as well. I will not spoil the surprise by saying anything more about that.
LockpickerPicked on feb 7 2021, by Giovanni_NL
LocationBuilder: DMAC, UK
Picker 1: Fish Picks, UK
Picker 2: Giovanni_NL, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Picker 3: Reinder, Netherlands
Picker 4: Edoc Dab, Netherlands
RemarksThis was a very fun pick. At first you think you have it open, only to realize you’re in a really deep false set. Getting past that is the true challenge.

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Author: Giovanni_NL

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