#1 by Moon

DescriptionIt has few surprises, some not so obvious as other. But should be manageable once you understand them all.
About the CLThis lock started its life as a heavily mastered BKS. That wasn’t a fun life, so an upgrade was needed. Made from scratch key and driver pins, narrowed down keyway with key modified to match, and now it’s much more fun. Comes in a custom pouch to make sure it survives many pickers and the travel in between 🙂
Lockpicker-CK- (NL)
status: open on 1.6.2021
time: ~4-5h total

Rein (NL)
status: open on 17.4.2021
time: ~3h total, 1min best

MrBlack-Magic (GER)
status: open on 13.4.2021
time: ~2h total, 1min best
LocationNetherlands <- Germany

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Author: Moon-UA

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