La petite mort (world tiniest CL)

DescriptionWorld tiniest challenge lock wants to meet you. A cute little 3-pin devil that you might not be afraid of at first glance, but that will surely bring you sleepless nights! Little lock but big amount of fun πŸ™‚
CreatorMrBlack-Magic from Germany
About the CLTiny undercuts, fancy mini drivers, a small keyway blocker and a little anti TOK mechanism for an Abus 65/20 (see American 1100 key for scale).

If the key gets stuck: Hold the core pushed in with a finger while jiggling the key.
Gutting: Close the shackle and remove the key first. Unscrew the first 3 grubs screws and remove the keypins, drivers & springs one by one (slightly rotating the core helps to get them out). When all pins are removed and you want to remove the core as well, unscrew the 4th grub screw and remove the long pin (might be difficult -> jiggling, slightly pushing & pulling helps) that is holding the core in the housing. After this pin is removed insert a hook and slightly pull out the core. Take care not to drop the spring & part of the cam because reinstalling this could be annoying. Don’t try to remove the keyway blocker!
LockpickerMoon from Germany
Status: picked
Reinder from Netherlands
Status: picked

Annie Blue

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Author: MrBlack-Magic

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