DescriptionChallenge lock #4. Five pin Schlage KIK cylinder.
Reddit: u/pol-delta
Discord: pol-delta#6213
YouTube: Leo Pladt
About the CLThis is my fourth challenge lock, ScrewU. I made it from a 5 pin Schlage KIK cylinder I got at ReStore. I gave it a nice vinegar bath and some light sanding to clean it up. The driver pins are made from 3mm brass rod and the key pins are modified from nickel silver pins from CLK Supplies. All chambers have grub screws. Instead of filing a new key myself, I bought a bunch of old keys that I thought had interesting bitting from a junk store for 5¢ each. This is my first challenge lock using one of those keys. I imagine it used to open somebody’s house. Now it opens this challenge lock. Important side note: the spring in chamber 4 is shorter than the others. If you gut the lock, make sure to put that spring back in the right chamber or you won’t be able to insert the key all the way. Fortunately, the grub screws make it pretty trivial to change stuff out if somebody switches it by mistake.
LockpickerHaven’t sent it out yet.
LocationMade in the USA

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Author: Leo Pladt

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