DescriptionHe wants to hurt you. Don’t trust him. Deny everything!
CreatorMrBlack-Magic from Germany
About the CLAssa 700 lockbody with 7 pins and some nasty modifications.
Keyway blocker, undercuts and anti-tension mechanisms such as a new type of security driver are just some of his features.

It’s a beast designed to be unpickable and to break every lockpickers self esteem as well as their picks.

It is his desire to see this moment when all hope leaves the body and hate is building up.

Try at your own risk!

For gutting select one of the sides signed with a “X” (see picture below) to point to the drivers to avoid serious problems! Always use a shim!!!
LockpickerMoon from Germany
Status: in transit


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Author: MrBlack-Magic

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