Golden Sun & Silver Moon

DescriptionGolden sun is the art of using alchemy to turn lead into gold and silver moon is turning mercury into silver.
This lock is like day & night: Two different worlds colliding.
It’s more than the just the sum of its parts and offers a very tricky but always fair challenge to everyone who is searching for new quests.
Various ideas and concepts come into play to make lockpickers life harder.
CreatorMrBlack-Magic from Germany
Roonpicker from US
About the CLA 6-pin Corbin-Russwin with a slight modified keyway to avoid some types of TOK tension tools. Different countermilled chambers combined with different experimental security pins, a wild mix of springs and a hand cut key. The experience and perspective of two differen builders went into this collaboration CL as well as their different styles.

If the key is not working: Insert the key as far as possible and hold the back of the lock with the middle finger and the key with the thumb. Than slightly compress your fingers and the key will slide in. (Light jiggling might help). Always use a shim for gutting!
LockpickerMoon from Germany
Status: unpicked
Reinder from Netherlands
Status: picked

Roon (US)
Annie Blue (US)
Nepherael (US)

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Author: MrBlack-Magic

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