lI720Il Lock #1


Reddit: u/lI720Il

About the CL

CL name: Challenge Lock #1
Stock lock: Kwikset deadbolt cylinder

Reddit post
First went to u/curiouslockpicker / @Curious YOUTUBE VIDEO
Somehow made it to @n a s w e k

  1. Picker: NeonFx in Seattle, WA, USA
    Gutted SPOILER

2. Picker: Panda-Frog in Switzerland

3. Picker:  alexparker70 in France
– Pickled

4. Picker: Moon-AG in Germany
– in transit

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About the Author

Author: NeonFx

9 thoughts on “lI720Il Lock #1

    1. Hello! I’ve picked this one a few times now, but plan to ship it out to someone else as soon as I get the other CL I have picked; that way I can send them both. Still in my possession.

  1. Got it in my post today and picked blind in just a tad over 2 min. Nice pins, smooth operation, but nothing hard in terms of picking. Or maybe I was lucky 🙂
    Video coming.

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