Challenge Lock NameMario
DescriptionMario is Edoc Dab’s first challenge lock. It is intended as a fun pick.
CreatorEdoc Dab
About the CLThis was first used in the video on how to create a practice lock: Then I modified the drivers, key pins etc to turn this into a challenge lock. As it’s a double euro cylinder, I left the other side untouched for comparison. The same key operates both sides.
LockpickerFirst picked for verification by Edoc Dab (no video)
Next victims:
1) Hell Angel
LocationNetherlands for creation and for Hell Angel
The grub screws can be easily removed with a metric hex wrench. Please don’t put them tight as that is not needed. I didn’t have an extra wrench at the time of sending it around unfortunately. You can file one if needed, use pliers or worst case cut a groove in the top for a standard flat head screwdriver if really needed. If you insist on a traditional gutting, you could use the core as follower or segmented followers as well, but that’s a big hassle with a double euro cylinder. [spoiler alert] A shim is probably not needed on this lock.

For all the details of this lock and the ideas behind it, this video covers the lot:

The original pin stack and key

The challenge lock pin stack

Note the tapers and reduced diameters to help with the correct orientation in the lock.

Challenge lock pin stack interacting with the lock, trying to get the maximum effect out of the pins

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