Nail Biter

DescriptionA concept that waited a long time to be realized, biting nails is quite literally what this lock will have you do. Care, patience and precision are key, or should be. This creator hasn’t been able to pick it yet… If you’re brave enough, give it a go.
Reddit: u/PeaceWeapon84
Discord: Peaceweapon#5383
YouTube: PeaceWeapon Picks
About the CLA Corbin lock gave its body to my nail fetish. I think you already know what can be found inside…
Lockpicker0. PeaceWeapon – Builder
1. Reinder (The Netherlands) – Status: picked
2. Moon (Germany) – Status: picked
3. JonLock (Germany) – Status: picked off camera, failed on camera
4. SecPhilomath (Canada) – Status: en route
Remarks– Try picking it both bible up and bible down. It will not be the same experience. You might find it… “easier” in one configuration… Or maybe just deceivingly so…
– In one orientation of the lock, key may not rotate back to central position of the core in one direction. Rotate the other way to remove the key or change the bible’s orientation.
– Try not to rotate 180º after picking. Probably will be fine but just in case…
– Shim the lock while gutting.
– Contact me if reassembly is difficult or you’re not sure what is where. Reassembly is not easy. Sorry for not grubbing.

Nails! And rings. And more nails. Might need to float pick. But be careful, don’t bite the wrong nails!

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Author: PeaceWeapon

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