DescriptionBorn 8/15/21 over the course of a single day. Uses the body of an Abus 83 series padlock. Gets its name from the red wine of the same name, utilizing the Nebbiolo grape. This explains the creator’s name and the engraving adorning the lock.
CreatorDr_Nebbiolo (Reddit and Discord)
About the CLAll 6 driver and key pins are made from scratch using 3 mm brass bars. The key was cut by hand. The lock is engraved as pictured.
LockpickerBorn 08/15/21.
Picked by: LockpickingDev (
LocationLocation: Builder: United States, Ohio
LockpickingDev: United States, Washington
ZBlevins: United States, West Virginia
FreeDiver72: United States, Arizona
RemarksHas been grubbed to avoid gutting disasters. Watch the detent pin location when gutting. Additionally, there’s a z-bar on the back of the cylinder. If replaced with the hole facing the cylinder it will not retain the key when opened, if replaced with the hole facing away from the cylinder, it will retain the key when opened.

Lastly, the key has some wiggle in the keyway. If you raise the key upward in the keyway, it may not turn. Push the key downward in the keyway when turning and it should work.

Driver pins in no particular order: spool, inverted hourglass, serrated, mushroom, rattlesnake, and spoorated.

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Author: Dr_Nebbiolo

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