Salsa Verde

DescriptionThe “Salsa Verde” is a standard Kwikset rim lock cylinder from Home Depot. The key is unmodified; the only modifications are to the pins, core shell, and plug.
CreatorMy name is salcedam, and I have been doing locksport since July of 2021. I am currently a blue belt.

Reddit: /u/salcedam
Discord: salcedam#8779
YouTube: salcedam Locksport
About the CLThis lock contains a total of eight modifications to the key pins, driver pins, and plug. Click on the “Spoilers” header below for actual modification details.
  1. Climb69Trees#9044 (Discord)
LocationBuilder: Burke, Virginia, USA
  1. Lawrenceville, Illinois, USA
RemarksBe sure to use a shim when gutting.

The numbering of pins and chambers starts from the front of the lock to the back (bow to tip on the key).

Key Pin Modifications

  • Pin 1: Serrated
  • Pin 4: Serrated

Driver Pin Modifications

  • Pin 1: Serrated
  • Pin 2: Serrated spool (“Chalice”)
  • Pin 3: T-pin
  • Pin 4: Serrated
  • Pin 5: Barrel

Core Shell Modifications

  • Chamber 5: Threaded

Plug Modifications

  • Chamber 5: Threaded

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