Guard dog

DescriptionName of this challenge lock is partly based on its manufacturer’s name, company called Guard from the Czech Republic. These locks feature paracentric keyway and usually quite radical bitting. To make it a bit more fun, all the drivers are custom made plus couple of keypins were modified too…
CreatorMy nick is _least (on both reddit and discord); I really started with locksport in spring of 2020, during the first lockdown. Currently I’m at the green belt.
About the CLThe base for this challenge lock is the Guard G330 half euro cylinder. The bitting remained as manufactured, I only “enhanced” some key pins and replaced the stock driver pins with hand made ones.
LockpickerStatus: new, waiting for the first victim
LocationLocation: Builder: Czech Republic, Pustimer
RemarksWhen gutting, first remove the c-clip (rotate the cam out of the way if necessary), then press the cam pin and rotate the cam to keep the pin pressed. Now you can pull out the core a bit to allow cam removal, then slowly push the core in to remove the cam pin and its spring. At this point, the core can be pulled out. Either use a pinning shoe, or remove the core rotated approximately 135 degrees, to avoid drivers entering c-clip holes or the cam pin chamber. Be sure to press the core against the driver pins and it should slide out without any problems. No special follower is needed and shimming, while it might help a little bit, is unnecessary too.

Jiggle test is very useful tool in lockpicker’s toolbox except when it is not…

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Author: _least

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