DescriptionThis is an American Lock 5200. This is my first CL and it’s name is referenced to my last name being Riddle.
CreatorMy names is Tim better know as Mr_Lock_Picker (MLP) on Instagram and YouTube or u/Tedokid on Reddit. I am new to challenge lock creation but I have really enjoyed making my first CL.
About the CLAn American Lock 5200. 5 modified key pins and 4 modified driver pins. No other modifications except the lock body.
LockpickerIt is located with me but will be mailed to u/OhMyJoe from Reddit.
LocationUSA, Montana

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About the Author

Author: Mr_Lock_Picker

6 thoughts on “THE RIDDLER

  1. Hi there

    Thank you for submitting your Challenge Lock. I have added it to the website.
    You can now edit your CL on your own.
    (Top left –> Edit Post)
    You also can update or add a Map.
    (In edit mode, press the + an choose MapPressMap)

    Stay safe

  2. Picked this lock on day of post.
    Was very fun, lots of serrations and was quite tricky to pick. Caused me some confusion but after I reset a couple pins and tried again I managed to get it. This lock, along with “Ready Set Go” are 2 of the best challenge locks I have had the pleasure of picking. Will be sending off to reddit user u/cglassey today or tomorrow.

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