DescriptionMy first KiK CL. Learned a bit making it. The artwork is the most special thing about this lock. The gentle Honu (turtle) were spotted on many of my dives and they are fun to draw. There are a few tricks inside as well.
CreatorAt the time of creating this lock I’ve been into the hobby for 3 months.
Reddit: u/Freediver_72
Discord: Freediver72
YouTube: LockedOutLockpicker
About the CLThe lock originated as a Yale KiK with all standard pins with a balanced pin stack. All pins are custom made from the original pins along with some other work.
There are set screws an the top. Similar to a practice lock. I did that because I like it and enjoyed doing it. Yeah, someone could peek at the pins, but they are cheating themselves. The key works smoothly.
LockpickerFreediver72 (builder) 22 Oct 21.
Mugatu68 – picked 4 Nov 21
LocationEnroute to Australia
RemarksAs I am new to the sport this lock does pose a challenge for me, but is not impossible. I wanted it to be fun, not a death trap. We will see how it does out in the wild. Be free lil Honu (turtle).

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