Springy Bast3rd

DescriptionFor me, making Challenge Locks is not only about making fun new challenges for other lockpickers, but also for testing and innovating new security ideas. Although not completely successful in all the ideas I wanted to integrate in this lock (and you’ll see why once you gut it), the main innovation I seeked to implement in this lock promises to change the way feedback is perceived. Springy Bast3rd will test your patience and resolve, more than your skill.
Reddit: u/PeaceWeapon84
Discord: Peaceweapon#5383
YouTube: PeaceWeapon Picks
About the CLA Wilka euro cylinder gave its life and body to the cause. Thousands of micrograms of brass were lost in the pursuit of new types of security pins. A steel key was mercilessly mauled and many centimetres of springs cut into tiny pieces. The key barely works, one plug was destroyed, and another half so. Was it worth it?
Lockpicker0. PeaceWeapon (Portugal)
1. Reinder (The Netherlands) – Picked (after painful 4+ hours)
2. GravityKarma (England) – Picked (after gruesome 5 1/2 hours)
3. DoNotDuplicate (Australia) – to be sent

Pick the springy pins… but beware the overset traps. Here’s for the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/springy-bast3rd

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