DescriptionIt’s a race to get this lock picked around the world… Ready? Set… GO!
About the CLBuilt on a generic Mortise cylinder lock body.
Lockpicker Builder – Parts Unknown
Bodhi-pickah – Milwaukee WI – 10/2021
Freediver72 – Tempe AZ – 11/2021 – https://youtu.be/2ZzddiA3DFk
Spetsnz – Chicago IL – 12/2021
RealTaiter – New Brunswick Canada – 02/2022 – https://youtu.be/sVgU12DvmGE
cglassy – Auburn AL – 03/2022
CajunLockPick – Central LA – 03/2022
LocationCentral LA – 03/2022

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About the Author

Author: Freediver72

7 thoughts on “RdySetGo

  1. Great Lock. The false sets in this lock were very deceptive. The deep cut serrations made the pins feel like they were set. I had to vary my picking tension in order to overcome this and get some feedback. Pins were beautifully designed and the attention to detail on them as well as the engravings was excellent. The key worked great as well, very smooth. Thanks for the fun pick.

    New Brunswick, Canada

    1. I could not find him either. The lock came to me unmarked with little info. I etched the name on the front and created the page based on the info I had. Thanks for checking in, hopefully the creator of the lock will see this at some point.

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