Le Raton

DescriptionThis Challenge Lock was made per request for a member of the Lockpickers United community, a french locksmith with the username “Raton” (raccoon). Thought making a lock mimicking the name and appearance of a Raccoon would be fun. Unfortunately, I got too excited and may have made this too difficult to pick… We’ll see…
Reddit: u/PeaceWeapon84
Discord: Peaceweapon#5383
YouTube: PeaceWeapon Picks
About the CLUsing a Lips 5 pin thumbturn cylinder, modified it to resemble a raccoon. Some modified keypins, but mostly with pins made from brass stock. Original bitting used.
Lockpicker 1. Raton – yet unpicked

One springy pin will mess up feedback. Photo gallery here: https://bit.ly/LeRaton

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Author: PeaceWeapon

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