DescriptionMy first cl
CreatorI hate memes
About the CLSome cheap kwikset with simple modifications to pins and milling and light threading. It has mostly spools and some serrations and one T pin. Bitting is difficult and milling on a certain chamber makes it a lot of fun
LockpickerI don’t think it was picked yet, currently notl has it!
LocationBuilder: New Brunswick Canada Currently in Canada
RemarksIt was my first cl so it’s nothing fancy, but from the feedback I’ve gotten it’s a really good first go! I tried some things on it that didn’t work out but my next one will hopefully be more well done 🙂

When testing it myself I had to float pick for pin 2, might be different for more experienced pickers.

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Author: ihatememes

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  1. Hi there

    Thank you for submitting your Challenge Lock. I have added it to the website.
    You can now edit your CL on your own.
    (Top left –> Edit Post)
    You also can update or add a Map.
    (In edit mode, press the + an choose MapPressMap)

    Stay safe

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