DescriptionytilauD (Duality backwards) The mirror twin of Duality. This is the third challenge box in the in the lock share project by JoePicks and myself. This box was made to go to Australia, from there who knows where she will travel to!
About the CL3D printed box containing 2 KiK cylinders using the Russwin D1 and the Corbin L4 keyways.
Lockpicker Picked in Tempe AZ
Location: Builder: Tempe AZ
RemarksBelow are some rules that we ask you to follow to keep the project fun, interesting and engaging for others ⁠
1. Must open the package and make first picking attempt on camera, be sure to block out any addresses. Attempt each lock in the initial filming. ⁠
2. Post an unlisted, unedited video of the opening and initial attempt. Share this video link with the person that passed the box to you and the group. ⁠If you wish to make an edited public video you may, please do not post public video of gutting the locks. ⁠
3. Please update the page with your information and thoughts on the challenge box. If you are unable to do so, please let the group know your screen name and city (or closest metropolitan area you are comfortable sharing) so that the page and map can be updated. Also please include in the post the lock that was you received. ⁠
4. The lock inside of the challenge box is yours to keep. Please send a suitable lock on to the next person. The idea is that this is a community swap of a lock. The lock should be “interesting” it could be an older collectible lock or something challenging, like a brown belt or higher lock. (ie: An American 1100 would not be considered suitable for this project.) ⁠
5. The lock you are sending does not have to be a secret to the person you are sending it to. If you are unsure if the person has the lock you wish to send you can communicate with them what lock you are sending out in the swap. ⁠
6. If you do not have a suitable lock to swap or received a lock you already own, you may leave the “swap” lock in the box and send that along to the next person. ⁠Place a sticker, your screenname, name, and/or some other identifying make on the cardboard box that holds the challenge box. If you must cover part of someone else’s mark, please be sure that their mark is still identifiable and do not cover it 100%. Think of it like an old time piece of luggage or a high school year book. ⁠
7. Please try to pick the challenge locks and pass the box along within a week or possibly two. The goal is to keep the box moving within the US and after it has made it around the community hopefully it can then move on to another country.
8. We hope you enjoy the pick and the community lock swap. If you wish to also create a similar box of your own that would be fine with us. It does not have to contain two challenge lock like the originals, do it your way. If you wish to use our box designs you may contact Joe Picks (u/OhMyJoe) or u/Freediver72 on LPU Reddit or OhMyJoe#6613 and Freediver72#6989 on Discord.

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