Der Apfel

DescriptionIt is my first challenge lock and it is based on a 5-Pin BKS-88 profile cylinder, extended by a 6-th surprise pin.
About the CLThe Lock is stock, with only small modifactions around the normally factory wise empty chamber 6. The bitting is as it comes from the factory. The modified key-pins are from the original lock and for the driver pins i modified key pins from another lock. For modification i used a rotary tool, a juwelers saw, some files and sandpaper.
Lockpicker0. Picked by me (LockFumbler) Video:
1. Picked by Rein (Reinder Stegen on YT), Video:
2. ??
LocationBuilder: Mainz, Germany
1. Picker: Emmen, Netherlands
RemarksPlease use a shim when gutting 🙂

The lock needs to be picked “euro-style”, since in chamber 6 a gravity element was added (newtons apple…) which prevents the core to be turned with the pinchambers on top.

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Author: LockFumbler

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