In Plain Sight

DescriptionThis is a challenge lock built from a Schlage Everest, it has 6 pins and a check pin.
CreatorLanSpyKey created this lock and was the first one to successfully pick it.
About the CLThis lock is built from a stock Schlage Everest. It has a somewhat challenging keyway and it requires the need to lift a check pin in the bottom of the core. There are 6 pin stacks, 5 of which are altered by hand. Each altered pin has a combination of serration, spools, or T pins.. some of which have multiple steps within each alteration. There is also a serrated master wafer within the lock as well as a drunken serrated spool/T Pin.
LockpickerBuilder: LanSpyKey- Picked. -> Picker: CajunLockPick – Picked. ->
LocationBuilder: USA, Alaska.

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About the Author

Author: Lans Spykey

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