DescriptionThis is a dimple challenge lock based on a GAAB half cylinder. It is a nod to 221B Baker St. and Sherlock Holmes, as well as it’s the first dimple CL created by LanSpyKey
About the CLThis CL is based on a GAAB 6 pin dimple lock and is fully altered. It has many serrated pins with threading, long deep spools, and counter milling with matching pins. It is meant to be a midlevel difficult lock, though picking it blind might be a bit on the higher end of locks created by LSK.
LockpickerBuilder: LanSpyKey- Picked. -> CajunLockPick – TBD.
LocationAlaska, USA -> Louisiana, USA
RemarksThis lock is a super fun lock to pick with lots of feedback. Besides the C clips being a little difficult to get off, It’s quite easy to gut with a standard follower.

For hints/pics/info feel free to contact LanSpyKey on discord or Reddit. Pics with a link to be added soon.

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Author: Lans Spykey

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