Dante’s Revenge

DescriptionThis lock is designed off of a kik Russwin keyway with 6 chambers. It is created to be the hardest CL to date from Lanspykey and is a nod to the struggles of the Count of Monte Cristo and his revenge against the people who falsely imprisoned him.
About the CLThis lock has 6 chambers with all altered pins. It is filled with some unique pin-in-pin designs as well as filled with deep counter milling with uniquely matching pins to force float picking, threading with serrated pins and some deep tricky spools.
LockpickerBuilder: LanSpyKey – Picked -> Picker: CajunLockPick – TBD
LocationAlaska, USA -> Louisiana, USA
RemarksThis lock is definitely a tricky one, but is pickable. All pieces of this lock have their specific place and are needed for proper operation. The gutting of the lock is easy, but the reassembly can be tricky. I’ve added a nice document with the lock explaining the easiest way to get it back together accurately.

For hints/pics/info feel free to contact Lanspykey on Discord or Reddit. Pics will be added soon with a link.

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Author: Lans Spykey

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