Go Left

DescriptionA 5 pin KIK with custom pins and order to give false sets in order like a stepper motor. Good for anyone familiar with spools/mushrooms or looking for a higher challenge while learning.
Creatoru/TheNotGinger r/lockpicking
About the CLAfter succesful pick do not rotate cylinder to 180* or driver pins will lock plug and will have to remove top bible slide, springs, and drivers. please shim during gut. it helps a lot. Its not pretty in there but for picking purposes it works great. (hand filed pins)
LockpickerGetting sent to JoePicks in KY 5/18/22
LocationGarage of origin: Sf Bay Area, CA
Remarks“Go left” is because it only likes to rotate counter clockwise when using key. For repairs or questions/comments PM on reddit u/TheNotGinger or email k.goyarola@outlook.com Also if you post or make a video let me know! I’d love to see your thoughts. Happy picking and I hope it brings some fun.

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