Houstan, We Got Problem’s? AND Dick Dastardly

Description6 pin Schlage KIK’s. All custom pins, mixed springs, all drivers are combo pins ie: a serrated tpin. These 2 CL’s are difficult but pickable and won’t snap a pick.
CreatorR/lockpicking U/TheNotGinger I’m a data analyst by day and locksport keeps me sane.
About the CLFrom serrated tpins to “ball head” tpins and EVEN serrated “ball head” tpins! There’s spools as well if thats your thing.
LockpickerCreated by U/TheNotGinger. Both picked. Sending one each to Joe Picks and Freediver_72.
LocationTNG San Mateo, CA
RemarksAnything breaks, they “brick”, or just want to chat PM me on reddit U/TheNotGinger. USE A SHIM especially with “Houstan, We got problem’s?”. Other than that please let me know what you think and I hope you have some fun. These are my official CL’s for Blue Belt ranking.

They maybe twins but thats where the similarities stop.

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