DescriptionIncognito is a 6 pin Schlage based lock filled with some fun challenges.
About the CLThis lock is based off of a 6 pin Schlage. It is filled with multiple threaded chambers with like serrated pins. It has a fully Threaded PIP chamber where if the key pin is overset, the lock must be reset. It also has multiple sharp spooled pin chambers with matching counter milling for float picking.
LockpickerBuilder: LanSpyKey – Picked -> Picker: Snake – TBD
LocationAlaska, USA -> Pennsylvania, USA
RemarksThis is a fun lock to pick, it is difficult as if you overset the PIP chamber, the lock must be fully reset and picked over, this can be a challenge, but very fun regardless.

Pics on request and a link shortly.

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Author: Lans Spykey

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