M”ASS”ter Lock

DescriptionThe “M” is silent. Don’t let the docile nature of this everyday lock fool you. The patented “chastity belt” style shutter is made of the finest tinfoilium I could scavenge from my neighbors cuckoo clock (Sorry Mark but it was driving me nuts), The extremely flat “wave style” bitting, “Fort Knox” level 4 pin tumbler, AND oversized internal Assa Abloy driver pins are sure to keep anyone out*.

*This was tested and proven to keep out anyone that can’t rotate objects clockwise, doesn’t sneeze too hard, doesn’t have thumbs, likes margaritas and getting caught in the rain, and can’t operate heavy machinery due to intoxication.
CreatorFabricobbling is a hobby of mine and locksport is what I do to ground myself after living in massive data sets day by day.
About the CLSo this one started as a sleeper project and an obsession with taking almost useless things and overengineering them to possibly only slightly do that intended thing maybe a bit better. Ripped a ML apart, hand filed the core to accept Assa barrels, sealed it back up after hand cutting a key, and found out sometimes it doesn’t like being held “upside down.” Was a fun little goofball project thats pretty fun to pick and I hope you get a laugh out of my magnum opus, the (silent m) m”ASS”ter Lock.
LockpickerOff to JoePicks in KY.
LocationCreator: Kenny G, U/TheNotGinger, Garage of origin(SF Bay Area CA). Picked.
RemarksSan Mateo, CA USA

It works pretty dang well despite all odds.

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