Drunken Goblin

DescriptionDrunken Goblin is a medium level difficulty challenge lock that was built alongside Devil’s goblet to be sent to Picksmith.
CreatorLanSpyKey – https://www.youtube.com/c/LanSpyKey
About the CLThe base lock is a GAAB dimple lock. It is filled with a lot of serrations as well as spools and mushroom pins. There is threading in the chambers as well as countermilling that matches rounded spool pins.
LockpickerBuilder: LanSpyKey – Picked. -> Picker:Picksmith – Picked.
LocationBuilt: Alaska, USA -> California, USA
RemarksThis is a fun lock to pick, with a lot of feedback as well as back and forth action while picking, hence the name.

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Author: Lans Spykey

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