DescriptionHardMode is the first Evil difficulty lock made by myself LanSpykey. This lock was created on request by JonLock who won a subscriber appreciation giveaway.
CreatorLanSpyKey – https://www.youtube.com/c/LanSpyKey
About the CLThe base lock is a 6 pin Schlage. There are 2 Piston pin stacks inside with serrated/spooled key pins, 2 fully PIP stacks inside with overset traps as well as altered outer pins to cause a change ins feel and variation. There is also a standard stack to help with slop and a spool with tapers. The core and bible have also been altered with threading and countermilling that matches the like pins in those chambers.
LockpickerBuilder: LanSpyKey – Picked. -> Picker/Owner: JonLock – TBH.
LocationBuilt: Alaska -> Connecticut, USA -> Germany
RemarksThis lock is a hard lock to pick as it was designed to be evil. Although I now have much harder and eviler locks built, this lock was a milestone for my challenge lock making abilities. It taught me about the time and patiences needed to create high quality evil locks that take hours to pick.

Pictures once Jon Lock has been able to pick it.

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