National Lampoon Vacation

DescriptionAn ode to one of the greatest films in cinematic history. Not unlike the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, she’s not top tier. Who’d a thunk the gates to Wally World were secured by a cheap 5-pin Kwikset. Help Clark pick it open and he’ll thank you with an invite to sign the family vacation logbook.
About the CLCustom pins. An attempt at my first piston pin, a pin in pin, and a few deep serrations, etc… Aside from the pins, its a fairly cheap Kwikset die-cast lock with the floating spring cover. Fabrication holes are filled in so it shouldn’t brick. Shim recommend for taking it apart. Lock comes out of the brass covered shroud easily for placing lock in your vice.
LockpickerLikely headed to TheNotGinger

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