Titan’s Rage

DescriptionTitan’s Rage (N. 15) is a pure Evil level difficulty lock designed at the behest of GeorgiaJim and is a sister lock to Zeus’ Fury.
CreatorLanSpyKey – https://www.youtube.com/c/LanSpyKey
About the CLThe base lock is a Schlage 6 pin. It is filled with multistage deep spools with sharp edges to catch the matching threading and countermilling in those chambers. There also is multiple fully PIP chambers with sharp Engine valve like center pins that will cause oversets, as well as altered outer pins that will catch on the walls of the chamber to affect feedback.
LockpickerBuilder: LanSpyKey – Unpicked. -> Picker: GeorgiaJim – TBD.
LocationBuilt: Alaska, USA -> Georgia, USA
RemarksTitan’s Rage is pure evil, a super difficult pick that I was unsuccessful in opening before shipping to GeorgiaJim

pics once Jim has begun picking it.

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