DescriptionSecond CL, trying to build off of lessons learned while still making for a good experience for the picker.
CreatorDiscord: Nism Mathias#7726, LPU Discord: Kaz Brekker, Reddit: u/nismmathias
About the CLSilver Paclock 90a-Pro. 6 of 7 driver pins made from scratch/bar of brass. Driver pin 7 from original lock, but modified. Key pins all from original lock but 3 of 7 have been modified.
LockpickerBuilder: Kaz Brekker / u/nismmathias / Oregon, USA > Bodi-pickah / Wisconsin, USA
LocationLocation: Portland, Oregon, USA > Wisconsin, USA
RemarksThis is a firm/snug lock. The driver pins made from scratch were sanded down from a larger diameter brass rod, so they do fit, but only just. Hypervolemia may have been a better name!

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Author: Kaz Brekker

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