DescriptionFirst CL for Blue Belt. Started with an engineer’s mindset by looking at “what aggravates me most” and built the lock starting from there.
Creator: Discord: Shattenjager#8649 Reddit: u/ShattenJager42
About the CLBase for this was a 5 pin SC1 key, that I added more “fun” to in order to up the challenge. It’s now an SC4 key, 7 pin lock with spools, serrations, torpedo, T-pin, counter milling, threading and other pointy fun added.
“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”― Han Solo
Lockpicker Builder: ShattenJager- Picked ->
Location Built: Cincinnati, OH ->
Remarks Disclaimer: There are no super springs, lighter springs, etc. as all parts came from existing parts kits, but a few pins have slightly elevated spring tension (different springs from pinning kit and grub screws tightened down a bit extra) to encourage you to overset other pins. This shouldn’t pose a risk to your picks, but per feedback from the first picker I am making people aware before they start.

If you have feedback please leave it as I am very interested in talking all the sister locks to this one that I have and releasing more ugly babies on the world.

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