7up – ZEISS IKON 7 pin lock

DescriptionThis is my first Challenge Lock
CreatorDonPicks | Discord: DonPicks#1701 | YouTube
About the CLZEISS IKON 7 pin lock. 13 pins have been modified, including serrations, torpedo-pins, gin-pins, tapered pins, counter milling and threading.
Lockpicker1.: LockFumbler, Germany (Discord: LockFumbler#6432) 👍 Watch it on YouTube
2.: betaiv, Germany (Discord: BeTaiv#5424) 👍 Watch it on YouTube
3.: LockHeat, Netherlands (Discord: LockHeat#1819) 👎
4.: Dependent-Quarter577, Bulgaria (Reddit: /u/Dependent-Quarter577) 👍 Watch it on YouTube
5.: Beercan Bushcraft, UK (YouTube: @BeercanBushcraft)
LocationGermany -> Germany -> Netherlands -> Bulgaria -> UK
SpoilerPinning: https://imgur.com/a/BZQhrcE

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Author: DonPicks

11 thoughts on “7up – ZEISS IKON 7 pin lock

  1. Hi there

    Thank you for submitting your Challenge Lock. I have added it to the website.
    You can now edit your CL on your own.
    (Top left –> Edit Post)
    You also can update or add a Map.
    (In edit mode, press the + an choose MapPressMap)

    If you didn’t know it, you are also now able to create you own post for new Challenge Locks.

    Stay safe

  2. I recently received and successfully picked 7up
    It is currently in the Highlands of Scotland
    I’ll be passing it on to another picker very soon
    Thanks for the picking fun

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