Chainsaw the Transient

DescriptionNamed after one of the more famous transient Orcas of the US coastal northwest, Chainsaw(T063)is a bull killer whale born in 1978. His name is derived from the distinctive chunks missing from his dorsal fin that was the result of an injury he as a juvenile.
CreatorA 5th CL by banditobrandino07
About the CLA 7-pin mortise lock with a Shlage type keyway. All driver pins are modified except for one. Spools, serrations, T-pins, along with one threaded chamber. I filed the threaded chamber down so the threading wouldn’t be so sharp. It’s been grub screwed for pickers wary of disassembly.
LockpickerI’ve picked it to ensure it’s pickable. It’s now with CajunLockPick.
LocationSouthern California

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Author: banditobrandino07

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