Lock Lobster #1

DescriptionUnassuming Schlage mortise lock in a tidy little box. This is my submission for blue belt and should have sufficient modifications to qualify: engraving (1 pt), core countermilling (1 pt), and at least four custom driver pins (4 pts), adding to a score of no less than six.
CreatorBy thedownwardmachine on the LPU Reddit (rarely) and Discord (mostly).
About the CLA standard 5-pin Schlage mortise lock with custom driver pins, core mods, and custom engraving. “tdm” logo engraved on front and “LOBSTER LOCK #1” engraved on side. More details in spoilers.
Lockpicker: To be sent first to daki
Location: California, USA
RemarksCan be picked and gutted with standard tools. However, re-assembling is doable but annoying. Prefer not to gut. Feel free to reach out if you need help or have questions!

The driver pins are “claw pins”, a name I gave them because I’ve never heard of them before (though I’m sure I’m not the first to have thought of them). They are shaped like roughly like lobster claws (hence the lock name) with the pointy ends toward the driver springs. Their asymmetry makes for inconsistent binding orders, very deep false sets, and catching on the core’s countermilling (which I also added). In order to keep the springs and claw pins from jamming up, I added another pin between each claw pin and spring, which was also custom made. This means there are eight custom driver pins in four pin stacks. To accommodate all that pin, I had to cut down the springs a bit, but the lock still works, though it is rough. Given all the elements, re-assembling is tedious though quite feasible. Reach out to me for photos of the lock, including pin stack.

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Author: thedownwardmachine

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